“The Flowering Rocks” nature trail in Col Margherita

High-Altitude Botanic Park

A fascinating world of small and large natural spectacles: this is the “Le rocce fiorite” (The Flowering Rocks) Nature Park.

Situated on Col Margherita, it is a trail that provides access to the natural spectacles offered by the high altitudes of the Dolomites, without having to traverse long, difficult routes, to present the natural beauties (botanical features in particular) and encourage awareness that this heritage is a common asset that must be appreciated and protected and is everyone’s responsibility.

This trail was created to offer an educationally valuable opportunity to target hikers, and also family groups, by providing a key to the interpretation of the natural assets of an area. It also offers the possibility of further investigating at home, with the tools that technological innovation makes available to us, the various aspects concerning the individual plants, the vegetation communities that they build and also the landscape aspects. These can be considered in relation to the natural factors of climate, soil and human activities that over time have contributed to shaping the current populations, which are also subject to the vicissitudes of global climate change.