SanPe Snowpark
at the San Pellegrino Pass

The ideal destination for snowboarding and freestyle skiing

SanPe Snowpark is located in a sunny and wind-sheltered area near the Campigol ski lift. A real gem for freestyle and slopestyle fans who want to enjoy breathtaking acrobatics in the Ski Area San Pellegrino.

Upstream of the lift is the shaper’s hut with music and the start of 3 different lines.

The Easy and Medium lines consist of 4 rails and 2 jumps, ideal for those who want to begin their first acrobatic attempts, while the L line, suitable for the more experienced, has 5 rails and 5 jumps of various sizes and dimensions as well as a 14-metre spine.

The entire park is designed so that every rider can have fun safely, from the beginner to the more experienced. Moreover, its central location with respect to the San Pellegrino Pass lifts and hotels makes it easy to reach and ensures numerous services, including rentals, bars and refuges.

Daily ski pass cost: €30.

Snowpark Setup