ARVA area at Col Margherita Park

Avalanche training

The ARVA training ground owned by the CAI (Club Alpino Italiano) is a fenced area (100×100 m) that represents a hypothetical avalanche accumulation zone and is used to “practise” the use of the avalanche transceiver and the RECCO system.

ARVA transmitters are buried at different depths under the snow. Through simple operations on the control unit, users can activate one or more transmitters, simulating realistic search situations with different levels of difficulty depending on the individual’s specific training.

At a simple touch of the probe, the transmitters send the input to the control centre, which automatically activates an acoustic signal and a flashing light indicating the discovery. Once all activated devices have been found, the retrieval time for each buried ARVA will appear on the control panel.

Access is open to all and completely free of charge.

to find it

The training ground is located at an altitude of approximately 2,300 metres between the Pista degli Innamorati and the slope down to Lago Cavia from Col Margherita.  It can be reached by taking the Col Margherita lift from Passo San Pellegrino, then descending along the slope or ascending with sealskins or snowshoes from Passo Valles in about an hour, remembering to keep off the pistes.

For information and reservations:
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